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Don't Look Behind In Horror Games


Those eyes, whose eyes?
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Pretty interesting game, I included this game in a playthrough video with another game. I will link it below if you are interested in seeing my reaction. Gameplay starts at the beginning.

its a dope game 

The game is short and creepy, the sound track is warped and disturbing leaving a disorienting atmosphere, for a short game it certainly is an odd experience.

 I featured this in my compilation it is the first one in the video.

This game was fun!

i didnt expected to be jumpscared like that lolstarts @0:59

So I wasn't expecting to have that kind of jumpscare in this game but... oh well xD This was really fun!

AN actually spoopy game. It got a few reactions out of me and I liked how you have to have EYE CONTACT. I really enjoyed! Your game is the thumbnail and and the second game!

scanelopt is a legend 

i love it mate

check my simple game too please

i would really appreciate :)

This was really cool! I got stuck at the painting, it wouldn't work, but I really enjoyed it!

Love the scarce amount of info in the description, really has you go into it not knowing what to expect. Only thing I got stuck on was when you're locked in the room, took me awhile to figure it out. My gameplay of it starts at 8:23!

I had fun with this one,nice work!

Really unsettling stuff! Super creepy atmosphere and creatures! This was the final game in the video! 

A really cool experience! The various rooms (notably the one with the moving red cubes) added to the alien nature of the house, and the eye creatures were super eerie! Well done! 

A fun little game.

I AM THE EYES HAS MADE IT INTO THE 4TH GAMES OF TERROR! this game was pretty good and it even got me a few times good job! 

Man that jumpscare got me gooooood. I actually recommended another dev to do that, glad that the idea was implemented and nearly got me to flip my table lol 

This game was a tad confusing but did scare me sooo

Really enjoyed this game! Please check out my play through below x 

this was a great experience !! Make more games please :P

here's my gameplay I hope you enjoy it :)

I got stuck in the end although it was a pretty fun game to play keeo it up

I had a lot of fun with this game! As goofy as I was being in the beginning,I actually got genuinely jump scared a few times! Good game!

Very enjoyable short horror experience. Nice small puzzle, easy to see keys and some jump scares. Great job.

This game was cool and had a really nice scare!

I got the biggest scare in a while from this game lol, its simple and straight forward. Yet, it still delivered on the creepiness and the sense of dread. Keep up the good work! I really enjoyed it! :)


For a free horror game it was pretty good! By the way as I was editing I noticed the activation slots in the wall that made the monsters pop out. You might wanna hide those the next time you make a game.

This was a really great horror experience! The end really got me but it was great nonetheless! I played this in my video (and used it as my thumbnail since its so creepy!) and it got a few good scares out of me! Keep up the great work!

To be honest it messed me up at the end But still it was a good game keep up the great work 😀

Cool game. I got spooked a few times, more times than I care to admit.I did a playthrough of this game and I will link it below if you are interested in watching.

You got me at the end lol.

Awesome game! I really enjoyed it and broke it down into a couple of pros and cons

+ The game had a simple and easy to understand controls

+ The game had amazing intro music. The man playing the piano needs a raise :D
+ The game was fairly easy to pick up and start playing

things to improve

> It lacks a story or at least a lore to the monster inside of the house or why you're there.

> the textures were good but need more variety

> why is this man so fast?

Overall 8/10


I am the Eyes was a pretty cutsie game. I can't wait to see your skill grow.

fun game.

Amazing game dev :D i hope you enjoy my gameplay

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